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The focus of our work


Cúrcuma contributes to the development of fair, inclusive and sustainable solutions to the present challenges.


Our work areas include climate change, the loss of biodiversity, the valorisation of cultural diversity, the promotion of equity and the protection of human rights. 

We believe that more coherent and effective results depend on the participation of a greater diversity of voices and perspectives. Therefore, we work with participatory processes that enable fairer and more inclusive decision-making; the implementation of more assertive actions and impact assessment with engagement of the actors involved in the initiative.

Our way of working


We conduct inclusive processes that  invite different types of contribution and enhance collaboration. 


We contribute to establishing 

communicative spaces of trust and dialogue, with awareness of existing power dynamics and interests.


We adopt the action research approach as a method for groups to collectively investigate reality, defining priorities for action and creating change in a participatory manner.

Read Cúrcuma's Code of Conduct by clicking here. 


Cúrcuma was created by the researcher and facilitator Bruna Viana. We mobilize a network of partners to work on projects.

Bruna Viana de Freitas

F O U N D E R 

Contributing to the creation of a world with greater equity and more respect for nature moves me. In my professional practice as a facilitator of participatory processes and a researcher, I seek to foster communicative spaces of openness and collaboration for social change and greater environmental balance. I believe that the participation of a greater diversity of voices and perspectives in the co-creation of solutions, in decision-making or in the evaluation of processes, contributes to achieving more coherent, inclusive and sustainable results.


In 2022, I concluded the master's degree in "Power, Participation and Social Change" at the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, in the United Kingdom, with a full Chevening Award scholarship. In my studies and in the action research that resulted in my dissertation, I sought to understand how participatory processes can enhance the transition to a model of development that is inclusive, fair and respectful of nature.  


I have a degree in Social Communication with an emphasis on Public Relations from Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Minas Gerais, a postgraduate certificate in Social Innovation Management from the Amani Institute, and a Diploma in Social Innovation from the United Nations Mandated University for Peace (UPEACE). 


Over the past eight years, I have studied and applied different approaches and methods for creating communicative spaces and facilitating groups, including action research, the Art of Hosting Conversations, Nonviolent Communication, Theory U, Thinking Environment, Dragon Dreaming, Sociocracy , Visual Thinking, Design Thinking and phenomenology.

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